How To Buy

- Locates the mass of the Accusump as far rearward and right as possible with an engine bay location.
- Minimizes the length of oil plumbing.
- Reduces the clutter of an engine bay installation
- Eliminates the possibility of a in-cabin oil leak
- Very well protected from impact damage
- Available for all models of Accusump, custom configurations also available.
- Bolt on installation: uses existing firewall holes, no drilling or cutting to install.
- Plate and tube are .080" aluminum, TIG welded.
- Firewall plate mount seals cabin from engine bay - mounts with RTV and 10 supplied stainless steel screws/washers/nylock nuts.
- Does not interfere with PCM/wiring harnesses in OEM location

- Kit includes:
Firewall mount plate
All screws, nuts, washers to attach plate to firewall
Aluminum plumbing for relocation of air gauge and schrader valve with pre flared -AN4 fittings
2 clamps for attaching Accusump to mount - the clamps lock the end caps in place
Adel clamp for attaching relocated gauge to firewall

- Kit does not include Accusump or oil end plumbing

- If purchased with an Accusump, the air end pieces can be relocated, and the Accusump installed in the mount, ready to bolt in to the car, for no labor cost.

Price is $195 plus shipping, and CA sales tax for deliveries in CA.